7 Tips To Develop A Sharp Memory

If you want to succeed in life, you must have a sharp memory but this depends mainly on your brain’s health. Earlier, there was a notion that those who were old might not be able to boost their brain power. But researchers have disproved this theory. It has been proved that human brain, regardless of… Continue reading

How to Combat Loss of Memory

What is memory? In the first place it is linked to your own story. To your own life. You can only remember what you either have experienced or learned from others. And learned from others also means what you have read, seen with your own eyes or heard. You can improve your memory by learning…. Continue reading

8 Easy Ways to Improve Your Memory

Momentary memory loss is super frustrating, but no matter what the reason (doing too many things at once, stress or the menopause) you don’t have to accept it. There are a number of easy ways to improve your memory at any age. Experts say there are things you can do to improve your memory and… Continue reading

5 Tips to Remembering People’s Names

It can be quite embarrassing to stare at the face of someone whom you have just met and not remember their name. This often occurs because we hear what people say, but we are not focused on their actual words. This really means that we are not listening. We are simply going through the motions… Continue reading

Feed Your Brain!

Remember Popeye the Sailor Man? He was constantly guzzling spinach to get those great big bulging muscles – well what you eat not only affects your muscles, but your brain too and you are about to find out why his girlfriend Olive Oyl had the right idea…. We all know that to stay fit and… Continue reading

How to Have Better Memory 101

If you would like to learn ow to have better memory, the first step would be to understand how the brain stores memories. The brain is super powerful since it can operate at the same level as a supercomputer. Its storage capacity is amazing. If you are worried that if you try to fill your… Continue reading

How To Improve My Memory?

How can I improve my memory? An always asked question. Many students in schools and universities do not stop complaining of having a poor memory. Every year the drama begins to unfold with the mid-term exams. And tons of them opt to private lessons. Half joking they describe their condition as early Alzheimer’s. In the… Continue reading