12 Tips to Get a Superhuman Memory

Your memory is an incredible thing and yet so many people find themselves forgetting things or feeling frustrated or even blaming their forgetfulness on age but the truth is that you have just never been taught how to use your mind. Here I am just going to outline the 12 principles for remembering things-this is… Continue reading

10 Stress Management and Memory Improvement Tips

Our society has changed faster than our genes. Instead of being faced with physical, immediately life-threatening crises that demand instant action, these days we deal with events and illnesses that gnaw away at us slowly, that stress us out and that, believe it or not, end up hurting our memory and brain. Dr. Robert Sapolsky,… Continue reading

7 Ways to Improve Memory

Research has shown that seniors who were cognitively active were 2.6 times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia than those who were not. This is a statistic that may help motivate many older adults to consider taking some time to sharpen their own cognitive skills. Retirement years are a time to relax and… Continue reading

4 Keys to a Better Your Memory

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could remember all of the names of the people you meet? Or be able to quote lines from all the movies you’ve seen. Some are born with a photographic memory, but most are not. Just because we aren’t born with this incredible ability, doesn’t mean we can’t develop a… Continue reading

3 Fun Activities To Improve Memory Easily

One activity you can consider doing is called mnemonics. This is the use of association to help you remember certain things that you would most likely forget. Many people are currently using this methodology to help them remember things more easily, and one of the larger groups of people who are using this technique almost… Continue reading

3 Ways to Improve Concentration and Memory Power

Concentration and focus are key to improving memory performance. Most theories of how memories are created show that a few focused seconds are required to commit an idea to short-term memory and a little longer for long-term recall. Finding the time for this is tough in our modern era of connectivity and multimedia bombardment. Cell… Continue reading