A Class Can Improve Your Memory Skills

So you have been experiencing memory loss. Or at least, you feel like you’re memory is not functioning at its best. If you have already done some reading on the subject, then you’ll know that there are many techniques that you can use to boost your memory skills, such as card games and completing sudoku… Continue reading

4 Ways To Improve Your Memory With Games

A big part of memory improvement is engaging in activities that stimulate and challenge your brain. You cannot understate the value of eating right, getting plenty of physical activity, minimizing stress, and getting plenty of sleep when it comes to boosting your brainpower. One of the most fun ways to enhance your recall abilities is… Continue reading

4 Ways to Improve Your Memory

When it comes to improving your memory, the single most essential technique you are able to use is that of associating what you are memorising with something more inherently memorable. It makes the storage stand out, allowing you to recall it very easily later on. There are a number of potential approaches: 1. Association with… Continue reading

3 Ways to a Better Memory

Our memory is a wonderful gift and it is our brain that makes it happen. Without a memory we would not know who we are. Our memory helps us to function throughout the day when we need to recall important information. Our brain has a huge capacity to store enormous amounts of information. For example,… Continue reading

Achieving Value of Information Via Brain Training – Mnemonic Techniques Used in Brain Training

Mnemonic Techniques are strategies/methods and devices that we can use to remember significant information and enhance memory. The word mnemonic came from the Greek goddess of memory, Mnemosyne, which means “memory enhancing.” Analyzing the term “mnemonic” brings to memory the 1995 film of Keanu Reeves, “Johnny Mnemonic”. In the film, Reeves plays a mnemonic data… Continue reading