7 Tips to Improve Memory

Do you have good memory? Do you envy those who can remember things forever? Do you wish to have better memory? You can use the 7 tips to improve memory. 1. Regular exercise You can engage in regular exercises such as walking or jogging. You do not have to participate in vigorous exercise to improve… Continue reading

3 Simple Mnemonic Examples – Mnemonic Examples That Will Teach You How to Remember Efficiently

Are you a forgetful person? Do you wish you could remember those facts or lists that everyone seems to know but you always seem to forget? Well let me tell you that this unnecessary embarrassment can be destroyed with simple memory improvement methods that anyone can learn. The following Mnemonic Examples will illustrate how simple… Continue reading

5 Tricks For Remembering Better

Who does not want to remember better? Everyday we are bombarded with loads of information that are a must to remember: lists, passwords, tasks to perform, new PINs, and a whole lot more that demands a good memory functioning. Here are 5 tricks you can apply to help you remember better and have your brain… Continue reading