6 Ways to Improve Your Memory With Food

Eat Brain Foods Brain foods are foods that contain certain vitamins and nutrients that are proven to enhance brain functions. Or Traditionally it is believed to enhance brain functionality. Here’s a quick list of good foods and Bad foods. Good Brain Foods Bananas, Avocados, Beef lean, Turkey, Broccoli, Spinach, Brussels sprouts, Cantaloupe, Salmon, Chicken, Potatoes,… Continue reading

How to Enhance Your Memory

Meaning and definition of Memory: Memory which is connected with learning is a mental process which is practiced and experienced throughout one’s life. There are many levels in learning. It is a continuous process with any human and animal. What is learnt once should be utilized. Utilization is possible only when the experiences gained during… Continue reading

6 Mnemonics Tips to Improve Your Memory

Today I’m going to take you through six memory mnemonics methods that I strongly recommend you use as tools to improve your memory. Using visual images with Association: With this method you’re going to make a visual image of what it is that you need to remember. The most important part of this technique keeping… Continue reading

5 Reasons Why You Should Read Books More

Modern lifestyles are hectic and a huge number of people rarely find time to relax and probably even open an interesting book for a read. With videos and games keeping everyone busy and occupied, books have been neglected by many yet they are some of the best sources of knowledge and can even help in… Continue reading

5 Techniques to Improve Memory

Most of us want to be known for having a good memory. But some of us find it hard to remember things. I’ve brought you 5 tips to help improve your memory. 1. Grouping or chunking Technique This is one of the oldest memorizing techniques. In this method, the piece that needs to be memorized… Continue reading

6 Foods That Increase Your Kids’ Memory and Brain Power

1. Fish Salmon, sardine, mackerel and other cold-water fish is a best source of omega-3 fatty acids. It helps to boost energy, improve brain activity, enhance learning ability and improve problem solving skills. Tuna for example, keeps cell-membranes flexible and maximizes their ability to allow important nutrients in.You should include them at least 2% into… Continue reading

How to Enhance Memory Work

Attaining an enhanced memory needs less work than you think it demands. Of course, you want it bad because of the knowledge that an enhanced memory works wonders – it increases productivity, boosts performance, and builds your confidence along the way. Follow this easy guide to enhancing your memory and be on your way to… Continue reading