3 Easy Ways To Improve Your Grades Through Memory Training

Do you know the secret ingredient that can enable you to learn any subject at any time, and improve your grades in virtually any subject?

That ingredient is memory. If you can memorize how facts relate to one another, you can better learn a subject and thereby ace tests, exams, quizzes, and wow your professors as well.So what are 3 easy ways to improve your grades with memory training?


It’s an understood fact that the human mind just cannot concentrate on many different things at once. The idea of “multitasking” has fallen to the wayside for many as people are learning that the brain simply cannot handle more than one or two thoughts or events at the same time.

This may seem simplistic, but think of how hard it is to concentrate when you’re on the phone and someone is talking to you at the same time. You can’t remember anything that either person said! So clear your head when in class or



When in class, ask yourself if you understand the things being taught completely – the why, how, where, and other larger concepts of a lesson. Become involved with it emotionally; by doing so, the concept or subject becomes that much more important to you, and you’re more likely to learn it.


Repeating something over and over again is a way that many students attempt to learn the cold hard facts that they’ll need for an upcoming exam. Walk by virtually any dorm room of any university in the world and you’ll hear faint chants from within, “1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. The atomic weight of cadmium is 112.411, the atomic weight of cadmium is 112.411.”

The next time you want to remember something like this, try that method. Repeat it several times, then give yourself an extended break, then go back. You’ll see that it becomes much easier to remember for a longer period of time.

Try these 3 easy ways of learning and memorizing and you’ll even impress yourself with how quickly and easily your grades improve in any subject!

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