4 Ways to Lose Your Memory

We’ve all experienced times of forgetfulness, but maybe you’ve been experiencing them more often than usual lately. Usually, short lapses of memory loss aren’t reason for concern, because they’re so common. But if you believe you’re experiencing memory loss, and just can’t recall things like usual, you should check out the following list and make sure you’re not doing any of these.

4 Ways to Lose Your Memory

1) Drink Alcohol Heavily

Alcohol use can have a significant impact on your brain and memory health. If you consume more than one drink per day, you could be robbing your body of necessary nutrients like vitamin B12. Insufficiencies of nutrients caused by alcohol use can lead to permanent damage in your short term memory.

If you consume more than one alcoholic drink per day, you should consider cutting back. Alcohol use can have major impacts on your whole body, and may just be the reason you’re experiencing memory loss. While the damage can be permanent, quitting now and re-establishing the nutrient levels in your body will improve your memory, as well as your energy levels.

2) Be Lazy

Sitting for long periods of time can have a huge negative effect on your memory. For one, when you’re sitting down and watching t.v. for an extended period of time, your brain isn’t being stimulated the way it should. And we’ve all heard the expression, use it or lose it. This expression especially applies to your memory.

Lack of movement also affects the oxygen and nutrient flow to your brain. Long periods of inactivity can lead to insufficiencies in the brain, causing memory loss, lack of focus, and less brain power than you would normally have. If you sit for long periods of time, maybe it’s time to consider a more active lifestyle.

3) Be Depressed

Depression and anxiety may be the two biggest causes of memory loss, aside from Alzheimer’s disease and brain injuries. The main reason depression causes memory loss may be due to lack of focus among depression sufferers. While depressed, you may spending more time thinking about things internally while ignoring what’s going on around you. We cannot remember something we didn’t pay attention to.

If you believe you may be depressed, you should seek medical advice. Depression and anxiety causes a number of health issues, and your quality of life is greatly reduced. Take control back of your life, and seek treatment or counseling.

4) Be Unhealthy

Similar to being lazy, being unhealthy can affect your brain and memory health in a number of ways. First, less oxygen and nutrients are delivered to your brain when you’re inactive. Secondly, being unhealthy can lead to a number of health issues which may directly or indirectly affect mental health. And thirdly, when we’re unhealthy we have less energy, and less desire to learn new things and focus on anything.

Get your memory back and gain control of your health by establishing a health program. Professional advice is recommended before starting any diet or exercise program. By just incorporating a daily exercise program, you can dramatically increase your brain power.

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