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5 Steps to Improve Your Memory, Sharpen Your Thinking and Reverse Your Brain Age

It was once thought declining mental health is an inevitable effect of aging. Perhaps you still think it is. To be honest, I’ve only recently found out about the brain’s ability to regenerate – and so did most neurologist.

It was barely a decade ago that the first such study conclusively proved the brain’s “plasticity” – the fact that it can be “molded” according to how it’s used is fairly. From then on, study after study have been conducted that proved it to be true. In this article, I would like to introduce you 5 steps you can implement, today, to once and for all reverse your brain and enjoy improved memory and sharper thinking.

  1. Consume high quality omega 3 oil. Not only are they beneficial for your cardio health, omega 3 oil is also crucial for your mental health. Fish is, of course, the most common source of omega but unfortunately, recent studies have shown them to be a significant source of mercury. A healthier alternative that I now recommend is krill oil.
  2. Believe it or not, studies have shown an active social life keeps your brain young and healthy. So go out and make more friends.
  3. Constantly challenge yourself. Just your muscle grow when you carry weights, your brain generates neurons when it’s challenged. A good way to do this is by learning a new language.
  4. Exercise – physically. A short 30 minutes walk a day can do wonders to sharpening your mind.
  5. And last but not least, engage in some sort of brain exercises everyday, if possible.

I would love to reveal all the brain workouts [] you can do to improve your memory but due to space and linking limitations, I cannot. If you would you like to discover more tips and tricks on how you can improve your memory [], simply visit my website for more useful articles by clicking on any of these links.