memory training

Feed Your Brain!

Remember Popeye the Sailor Man? He was constantly guzzling spinach to get those great big bulging muscles – well what you eat not only affects your muscles, but your brain too and you are about to find out why his girlfriend Olive Oyl had the right idea…. We all know[…]

How To Develop Memory

The value of a man depends to a large extent on his ability to recall and to use at any desired moment the recollection of what he has seen, heard, experienced or thought. Our perceptions bring along with them a plethora of experiences. Things that we have touched, heard, tasted[…]

Finding Your Clever Mind

To pass an exam well, you need to have put in the study time. I’m not proud of the fact that I have neglected to do this until the last minute several times. Here’s my advice on how to achieve an acceptable grade. Getting yourself mentally prepared is the first[…]

8 Easy Ways to Improve Your Memory

Momentary memory loss is super frustrating, but no matter what the reason (doing too many things at once, stress or the menopause) you don’t have to accept it. There are a number of easy ways to improve your memory at any age. Experts say there are things you can do[…]

How to Improve Memory Effectively

In this article I will discuss many tips on how to improve memory and keep your brain sharp. The habit of memorizing and keeping certain types of information in mind is different from one person to another. This means that the following steps to improve memory also vary in effectiveness[…]

How to Combat Loss of Memory

What is memory? In the first place it is linked to your own story. To your own life. You can only remember what you either have experienced or learned from others. And learned from others also means what you have read, seen with your own eyes or heard. You can[…]

3 Ways to Help Improve Concentration and Memory

One of the many surprising things about studying memory and how to improve your memory are the pieces of history revealed helping us to understand how long memory problems have existed. In ancient Greece there would be a yearly competition (almost like the Olympics) to judge who exhibited the best[…]

How to Improve Memory Skill and Ability

Whether you are young or old you should have an interest in engaging in activities that are capable of increasing the strength of your memory or even prevent memory loss from occurring in the first place. It is already well established that engaging your mind in mentally challenging activities is[…]

10 Ways to Improve Long Term Memory

What is human memory? Simply stated, memory is the mental processes that are used to acquire, store, retain and later retrieve information. The information can be obtained from our 5 senses before they are processed by the brain. There are three major processes involved in memory, namely Processing, Storage and[…]

How to Improve Memory With a Healthy Lifestyle

There are various ways or techniques that can be used to improve your memory. There are some who use mnemonics to remember facts while there are those who remember information by being attentive. Whether you use different ways to improve your memory, the important thing is you do what works[…]