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How to Count Cards

So in your dreams you hit the jackpot– in Atlantic City or maybe Vegas.

But it’s not a flood of quarters at the slot machine. Sheer luck and terrible odds. Or hitting the right number on the Roulette wheel. One in a zillion odds? No, in your dream you win at the blackjack table. That’s where people win because they remember the cards and know what to do with them. You win money at blackjack because you’re good.

Yes. We’re talking about memory skills and card playing.

So what’s the difference between the schmuck at the slots and the expert gambler at the blackjack table? The blackjack players are there because their concentration and memory skills give them a real chance to beat the house and win a small fortune.

With some work, you can join that elite crowd at the blackjack table. But you’ll need to train your brain for memory skills, and learn about gaming.

Train Your Brain for Memory Skills

Your brain works something like a world class soccer player in training for the World Cup.

Right, you say. But think about the athlete. It’s not enough to practice kicking and heading. The soccer player needs to beef up at the gym and run on the track. The whole body needs to get fit and develop endurance. The athlete must also follow a nutritious diet and eat the right amount of calories. Only then does skill development-kicking, dribbling, and heading– come into play.

Likewise with memory skills. First the whole brain needs to develop sharpness and quick reaction times. To play cards you must have intellectual power in general. This is developed with regular, challenging mental exercise. And believe it or not, you must enjoy the right diet for brain health. When you’ve got brain fitness going for you, then you can learn specific memory skills.

Once you’ve got good brain health and fitness, you’ll be on the way to remembering the cards at the blackjack table.

So what’s a brain workout? Get your brain on the alert with puzzles and crosswords, for starters. Take on the hard ones, too…the Sunday Crosswords and the challenging Sudoku. Just like sit-ups and muscle tone, the harder you work, the more alert and aware your brain and the greater your ability to concentrate. This kind of brain fitness makes you better prepared to take on memory training.

And then there’s diet for the brain. Would you believe that blueberries are brain food? They increase concentration levels and mental alertness. So keep fresh or frozen blueberries around for your cereal or just for nibbles. Sunflower seeds and nuts are also brain super foods. Finally, did your mother tell you that fish is brain food? It’s one of those old beliefs that are actually true-the omega 3 fatty acids beef-up your brain.

Brain exercise and good diet get your brain in shape to take on card-playing memory techniques. Get ready to play!

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