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How to Develop a Photographic Memory – The Visualisation Technique

Do you have a shocking memory that is both annoying and embarrassing? Do you find yourself at the supermarket or hardware store wondering what you were meant to buy? You’re not alone and you’re not useless. You can learn techniques of how to develop a photographic memory and here is just one technique that I use to increase my capacity to remember.

Probably the most common technique used in memory improvement courses, is that of visualisation. This is where you take a list of items that you want to remember and associate it with images in a story-like fashion.

So, say you need to remember a list of items to take for a family day at the beach. To help you remember the list of items you associate each item on the list with an item that you are familiar with on the walk from your bedroom to the front door.

i.e. The first item on your list is the umbrella, imagine yourself in your bedroom just about to walk out to the front door, but you can’t get through the door because there is a big open umbrella blocking the doorway. The next item on the list is sunscreen but it’s smeared all over the light switch making it too slippery and gooey. Next you pass the hall lamp and it’s got sausages sticking out the top of. Try and make the images as ridiculous as possible to make them stand out in your brain.

You keep doing this through the whole list of items associating each one with an item on your path from the bedroom to the front door.

With practice, this process becomes easier and quicker but you will need to stick at it for a few weeks to get it ingrained into your mind and become a habit.

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