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How to Develop Perfect Memory With Ballroom Dancing

An optimist is someone who always sees the bright side of your problem. Is your memory getting worse with age? Well, there is a bright side. You can improve your memory with ballroom dancing.

Here’s how ballroom dance can help you with your memory. You can develop a different kind of memory – called muscle memory. Sometimes I think I would have no memory at all if it weren’t for muscle memory.

The left side of your brain is responsible to help us remember every day things — like your address, telephone number, birthday, etc Now for the good news, we have a secondary memory or memory that is contained on the right side of our brain. This side of the brain is sometimes called the “creative” side of the brain. (a left-handed person may use opposite sides, but the concept of each lobe having distinct advantages still applies).

The secondary memory or muscle memory would be a skill that you can use despite years of not practicing. An example would be riding a bicycle. Your muscles remember how it “feels” to ride a bike and they take over your body to enable you to ride.

Using muscle memory when you dance is very valuable because you can remember steps that your brain has long forgotten. A good thing. But, now for the bad thing – repetition is the only way to gain muscle memory. The old saying that “practice makes perfect” describes how to gain this valuable memory, and that’s what makes it perfect memory – the perfect practice.

So, get on the dance floor and improve your memory – improve your health and have the time of your life. Oh, almost forgot, if you visit”>Mickey Mouse in Orlando, consider taking a dance lesson with Two left Feet Dance Lessons.

Diana Jo Rossano Is a social dance instructor near Orlando, Florida. She has her Ph.D. in nutritional medicine and helps her students feel better, look great on the dance floor and lose weight.

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