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How to Easily Memorize Everything Taught in Class

Think about this. You have entered your AP Biology class on a Tuesday morning. You have sat down, pulled out your notebook, and your favorite pen. You are now ready to take some notes. You go through the 45 minute class the way you normally do. The teacher lectures and occasionally writes a few things on a chalk board, and you write notes down.

Now that you have left the room you can remember, maybe, half of everything the teacher taught that day. The rest you will study and eventually memorize after investing a hour after school.

Stop Right There

You have got it all wrong! There is a much easier way to go about this and it should be done right before class. If you do this then you will memorize most of what you heard and saw in class.

What do I do?

Simple. Read your material and text book before class or in the morning.

Memory works by association. In simple terms, it is easier to memorize things that you can recognize. I realize that this sounds like more work, but you will quickly realize that your assumption is incorrect. It is in fact a much easier way to go about studying for class. If you have already skimmed through your textbook your brain will subconsciously make associations with the things that you have read already and you will retain more information.

Most students read their material right after the professor has taught it in class and this is the wrong way to go about learning it. When the rest of the students are reading the entire chapter for the first time, you just have to look over the highlights.

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