How to Enhance Your Long Term Memory

Long term memory enhance

There is a great way you can enhance your long term memory and that is by learning a very simple list of words that you can use over and over again to help you remember whatever you need to remember! This technique is called ‘basic word association’ and it is a really useful tool to have up your sleeve when you want to do some mental gymnastics and show off how quick your mind is! No, seriously, you can use it to show off and that’s fun – but even more importantly it will help you understand more about how your mind works and also enable you to really improve your memory.

The reason this works so well is because the mind actually works in pictures – not words. The more you can visualise the picture of what you are remembering the better. You can then start to link new information with the pictures you have in your mind – and voila! – you remember the new information because of the association you have made. Try this and see how you get on….

What to do:

Go over the following list

Number Picture Association of number and picture

1 tree trunk of a tree looks like 1

2 light switch 2 words, 2 positions – up and down, on and off

3 stool 3 legs

4 car 4 doors, 4 wheels, 4 wheel drive

5 glove 5 fingers

6 gun 6 shooter, 6 feet under

7 dice lucky number 7

8 skate rhymes with figure 8

9 cat 9 lives

10 bowling ball 10 pins, 10 lb ball

Go over this list in a playful way, having fun with remembering the different pictures with the different numbers. If you are doing this on your own go through the whole thing in your head. ‘5 is glove because it has five fingers’ etc. If you are doing this with someone else quiz each other on every aspect. What is glove the picture for? Or what picture goes with 10? Remember the association and as you do this you are conditioning your mind. Keep at it until it is automatic for you to make these number/picture links in your mind. Then watch out for our next article on the topic and find out how you have use this technique to build a super memory.

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