How to Improve Memory and Unlock Your ‘Natural Photographic Memory’!

So how did I end up buying products about how to improve memory? Well, it all began back in high school when I was studying for exams and I needed to be able to find tricks to memorizing states and capitals and also work out a better way to memorize all my study notes and course materials.

And I’ve got to tell you, I tried just about everything on the market!

I mean I tried heaps of memory improvement courses (like Kevin Trudeau’s Mega Memory), nutritional supplements for memory loss, subliminals for memory, self hypnosis for memory… and more ways to improve my memory than I care to mention! And quite frankly, there is a LOT of CRAP being sold on the internet!

Now don’t get me wrong, some of the things I tried did actually work, but for the most part, the products I bought almost never delivered on the promises they were making on their websites…

Then I heard about this amazing new training system, that uses a process called “Mental Photography”, which actually extends and grows dendrites in the brain (dendrites are the part of your brain that perform critical functions for learning and the storing of memories)… So this course is actually supposed to enhance your access to old memories and dramatically increase your ability to remember new memories…

While at the same time teaching you this thing called “Mental Photography”, which is kind of like speed reading, only on steroids, because it is a lot faster than speed reading…

So not only is this ‘Mental Photography’ system supposed to grow new dendrites in your brain, be so much faster than speed reading that it leaves it for dead (25,000 words per minute to be exact), but it is also supposed to unlock your natural photographic memory (which is where the name Mental Photography came from) and store new information directly into your long term memory so you simply cannot forget it for the rest of your life!

I’m sure you’ll agree that these are pretty bold claims being made…

Now, this stuff sounds pretty incredible right? I mean who really believes you can actually “Mentally Photograph” a book at 25,000 words per minute??? It’s completely unheard of! And furthermore, how can this possibly have anything to do with improving your memory?

Well obviously I was SUPER SKEPTICAL when I first heard about this stuff, especially because I had bought so many memory improvement courses in the past and I was sick of wasting my money on things that just didn’t live up to their promises…

But then I did bit of research on this Richard Welch guy and his teachings and I found out that he has actually been teaching this stuff for over 33 years now, which is a pretty long time to be in business! So I figured he must be selling a reputable product to be around for that long, because you can’t get away with selling people trash and survive for 33 years.

Then I also found out that this ‘Mental Photography’ process had been scientifically proven AND had literally hundreds of thousands of people go through the training, including people from all ages and all walks of life – adults, children, doctors, lawyers, psychologists, stay at home mums, and even Dr Edgar Mitchel, the famous astronaut who was the 6th Man on the Moon!

Now, with heavy hitting credentials like that, I figured this thing had to be worth at least giving it a go. PLUS it comes with a 60 money back guarantee, where you can get your money back with no questions asked if you are not happy for any reason at all. So I thought I had nothing to lose and decided to give this training (called Zox Pro) a go.

What happened next was nothing short of a miracle! This phenomenal training not only showed me how to improve memory, but it literally opened up a whole new world of possibilities to me that I simply didn’t know existed before! Here are just some of the things I have experienced since doing the Zox Pro training:

> Increased awareness and perception

> Dramatically increased learning speed by using the mental photography process

> Relax and reduce stress using simple 15 minute relaxation sessions that also mean you don’t need as much sleep

> Improved health and wellness of mind and body

> Heighten and learn to trust your intuition

> Creative problem solving and lateral thinking

> Become much more organised

> Improve your memory

> Improve your ability to concentrate

So what started as a quest to improve my memory turned out giving me a whole host of other related benefits that have literally transformed all areas of my life!

Needles to say I am now a total master at memorizing the presidents, memorizing the books of the bible, plus all my study notes and books… And I can get through all the material in only a fraction of the time that it used to take me do my studies before!

So if you are looking for a real solution to”>improving your memory, while at the same time discovering a phenomenal learning system that taps directly into your natural photographic memory and delivers a ton of other related benefits, then you need to go here now to check out the full”>Zox Pro Review.