How to Improve Memory – Know the Fundamentals

How to improve memory? This is the question many of us ask. First of all, we should know that we remember many things in our life. We also forget many things. Forgetting is man’s nature and forgiving is God’s nature, thus goes the saying. Assume for a moment that we never forget anything in our life. Believe me, all of us will be very unhappy because we keep on remembering sad moments alongside happy moments. So we should be happy that the power to forget is a blessing in disguise. However, one should not be forgetful all the time. Hence the question, how to improve memory?

When we are angry, our hands will become active. When we are fearful, our legs will become active. You know why? When we are in anger, the blood flows rapidly towards the hands. Whatever is available near us, we take and throw them to quench the anger. In the same way, when we are afraid of a situation, the blood flow will be fast towards the legs and we flee from that place to safety.

Why do we sleep after a sumptuous meal? The blood flow towards the stomach is increased causing our eyes to close. The stomach is more active to digest the food.

What do we conclude? Wherever blood circulation is active, that particular area is very active. This same fundamental applies to brain also. If we keep in tact the blood circulation to brain, the brain will be active. Accordingly we enhance the memory power. Now you will have a vague idea as to how to improve memory.

While the anger propels the blood to flow towards the hands and fear forces the blood to flow towards the legs, what should we do to make the blood flow towards the brain? Luckily we do not have anything otherwise the rush of blood towards the brain will bring more harm than to enhance the memory. The only way to improve memory is to offer the brain required nutrition and oxygen by ensuring optimum blood circulation to the brain. This can be achieved by ensuring quality blood and quality blood vessels that takes the blood to the brain. Any nutrition deficiency to the brain or any hurdle that affects the flow of blood through blood vessel to the brain will definitely cause poor memory.

Take nutritious food. This is my advice. There is no substitute. I am sure you are aware of this and there is no need that I repeat it. But it is important to remember this again and again because this is the fundamental for our healthy life. A good health no doubt answers the question – how to improve memory?

Now, I will take you to the other part to improve the memory, viz., blood vessels. While here also nutrition plays an important role, there are few specifics which need special mention. There are many ways in which blood flow through the blood vessels can be increased. Since the structure of blood vessels varies across our body with respect to its strength, a common denominator can not be obtained to achieve clean blood vessels all through our body. Since we discuss here about the brain, we will also discuss the blood vessels in and around the brain. There are many smooth muscles surrounding the blood vessels near the brain. Smooth muscles obviously will have the tendency to contract and thus affect the blood vessels which in turn affect the flow of blood. The trick is to handle this kind of blood vessels near the brain that will ensure quality blood circulation to the brain. The apt method is the vasodilation wherein smooth muscle cells within the vessel walls are relaxed and consequently the blood vessels are widened. Now we will see what type of nutrition can cause this.

There is a plant nutrition called vinpocetine. This is extracted from vinca minor. This nutrition has the ability to relax the smooth muscles of the blood vessels and thus suitable for blood flow to the brain. Also this has anti oxidant and neuro protective properties. If you think that you have found the answer for the question how to improve memory, you have only scratched the bottom of the solution. Read further. In US vinpocetine is sold as a nutrition supplement but not in Europe. You should understand that this plant nutrition reacts with calcium to perform its job. In my view, taking this as a nutrition supplement to improve memory is incomplete unless you go for a balanced nutrition approach.

I know for sure and am using a fantastic nutrition supplement containing more than 90+ natural herbs, salts etc., in optimum dosage to counter any kind of imbalance. This has vinpocetine also as one of the ingredients amongst other important nutrition to ensure you get complete planned nutrition benefits. Only this approach answers your question how to improve memory? You should visit my website to know more about many information on nutrition and I guarantee you would not have wasted your time.

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