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How to Improve Memory Power

There are many excellent tips you can use when learning how to improve brain power. Some of the methods you can use are actually quite simple to implement and you will find work extraordinarily well. Some people are born with excellent memory retention abilities, however the majority of us find it difficult to remember some of the simplest things. The following techniques are very powerful and will help you improve brain power and memory recall in little to no time at all.

Word Association

One of my favorite techniques I like to use is picture association. Now you can use this on just about anything, but it works very well with faces and names. If you have trouble recalling somebodies name after you meet them this technique will aide in remembering this information. Nothing is more embarrassing than meeting somebody and then forgetting their name within the first five minutes of talking to them or the next time you see them.

The trick to this method is to associate their name with a familiar image in your mind. Say you meet a Tony and you want to remember his name. For me personally, I would associate the name Tony with “toning up with exercise.” It may sound weird, but you can use any association that comes natural to you. Anytime I seen Tony, I would instantly think about exercise which would remind me of toning up, and that would remind me that his name was Tony. This method is very powerful, so don’t write it off until you try it!

Repetitive Association

Another powerful technique I learned on how to improve memory power is by repetitive association. This is pretty simple, and it works amazingly well. Take for example the name recall above. When I first meet Tony, I would make it a point to repeat Tony’s name a few times during our conversation or after so that it creates a memory in my brain. I could say, “Hi Tony, nice to meet you.” By verbally saying Tony’s name, this creates a more powerful subconscious effect which allows your brain to recall whatever it is you are repeating.

The thing is, most people don’t do this, and that may be why they forget things such as names very easily. These methods on how to improve brain power are easy to start using and are the simplest techniques you can start using right away. Memory retention isn’t very difficult when you know the secrets!

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