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How To Improve Memory

Do you often ask yourself, what you did last week? Or what you ate yesterday? If you are thinking about it, then this article is for you.

Forgetfulness – is a disturbing symptom. You should pay attention to your memory if you notice first signs of the forgetfulness.

What are the reasons?

Many people undergo the stress for a long time, which is connected with different factors – uncertainty in future, economical, political and private problems. As a result, they may find themselves on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The other extreme is the state of psychological inhibition. The organism engages defense mechanisms trying to resist the stress. Then sluggishness and sleepiness appear, the process of memory control is disturbed.

The memory – is one of the brain functions, which can and should be trained. Mental and physical activity is a wonderful method of training the brain.

What can be done to improve memory?

•First of all, it’s healthy way of life. Abuse of alcohol, smoking, improper feeding – are the factors, which negatively influence our memory.

•Physical activity. It trains the brain, because all kinds of human’s activity are somehow or other connected with the brain. Swimming is also useful.

•The memory training. Learn poems by heart; try to remember telephone numbers, addresses. Study foreign languages, remember new words.

•Develop your imagination. Imagine information visually. This method will help you to improve your memory.

•Do the reminders. Make small prompts, which will help to remind the necessary information.

Remember? Then answer the questions:

1.Why forgetfulness appears?

2.How to overcome it?

Congratulations! You are doing the first steps to improve your memory.


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