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7 Tips To Develop A Sharp Memory

If you want to succeed in life, you must have a sharp memory but this depends mainly on your brain’s health. Earlier, there was a notion that those who were old might not be able to boost their brain power. But researchers have disproved this theory. It has been proved[…]

How To Improve Memory And Retain More Information?

Whether you are a student or a professional, a question that could have crossed your mind sometime would be how to improve memory? When there is so much to learn and remember every day, we find it very difficult to retain important information whenever required. Memory management plays an important[…]

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Memory and Feel Younger

Misplaced car keys. Missing shopping lists. The name of the lady you met yesterday. When you can’t remember something, it’s easy to chalk it up to old age. Reports show as many as two-thirds of people age 50 and older notice greater difficulty remembering names, appointments, and other details. So[…]

Ace Exams With a 30-Minute Study Schedule

There are many ways to study and ace an exam but there are only a few strategies that work under 30 minutes study time. Have not heard of them yet? Develop them now, improve your memory function and never fail another exam in your life, especially when you are studying[…]

4 Ways to Lose Your Memory

We’ve all experienced times of forgetfulness, but maybe you’ve been experiencing them more often than usual lately. Usually, short lapses of memory loss aren’t reason for concern, because they’re so common. But if you believe you’re experiencing memory loss, and just can’t recall things like usual, you should check out[…]

How to Enhance Your Long Term Memory

Long term memory enhance There is a great way you can enhance your long term memory and that is by learning a very simple list of words that you can use over and over again to help you remember whatever you need to remember! This technique is called ‘basic word[…]

Achieving Value of Information Via Brain Training – Mnemonic Techniques Used in Brain Training

Mnemonic Techniques are strategies/methods and devices that we can use to remember significant information and enhance memory. The word mnemonic came from the Greek goddess of memory, Mnemosyne, which means “memory enhancing.” Analyzing the term “mnemonic” brings to memory the 1995 film of Keanu Reeves, “Johnny Mnemonic”. In the film,[…]