3 Ways to Enhance Your Concentration

Lack of concentration could lead one to many horrible things. You could lose your job because of distraction. You lose your attention for a moment and something horrible happens because of it. That type of distraction can cost you your very own life if you don’t handle it right away. Many of us tend to… Continue reading

3 Ways to Help Improve Concentration and Memory

One of the many surprising things about studying memory and how to improve your memory are the pieces of history revealed helping us to understand how long memory problems have existed. In ancient Greece there would be a yearly competition (almost like the Olympics) to judge who exhibited the best memory. Participants use to train… Continue reading

Five Useful Foods For Memory

The following foods for memory are suggested because they contain either one or more of these compounds viz. Folic Acid, Quercetin, anti-oxidants, anthocyanin, Omega3 Fatty acids. I don’t expect you to remember everything you read in here but you will be able to leave with a general outline on what to eat and what not… Continue reading

5 Causes of Memory Loss and Lack of Concentration

The five causes of memory loss not related to a head injury or brain trauma are exposure to toxins, chronic physical health problems, mental health problems, aging and nutritional deficiencies. Those five things are also lack of concentration causes. Each of the five is covered in some detail below. 1. Toxins Exposure to large quantities… Continue reading

3 Simple Techniques to Improve Memory

To improve your memory, you need to employ images. Trying to memorize without imagery is like trying to get a computer to work using neither a programming language nor application. The question then becomes, “What kind of images would work best?” Images that employ sights, sounds and physical sensations are the most effective (taste and… Continue reading